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Scholarships will be provided according to student proficiency level in Korean for the first semester. Starting from the second semester, scholarships will be granted according to the Chonbuk National University Scholarship Regulations.
Scholarship for the first semester(based on proficiency in Korean language)
- 1st Level Scholarship(Admission Fee + Instruction Fee + University Fee Waived) : Students who have
  TOPIK Grade 5 certification or higher.
- 2nd Level Scholarship(University Fee Waived) : Students with TOPIK Grade 4
- 3rd Level Scholarship(50% of University Fee Waived): Students with TOPIK Grade 3
Scholarship for International Students
- All Scholarships will abide by the Chonbuk National University Scholarship Regulations
- Qualification: In case the average grade of the previous semester is over 80 points
- The scholarship is available for 8 semesters at most.
- Types of Scholarship: Whole Tuition(100%), University Fee(70-80%), Half of the University Fee, Instruction Fee
Scholarship for International Families
- Scholarships will be provided if there are two or more family members enrolled at Chonbuk National University.